"Santa" James Zyla

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Entertainer, Musician, Singer, Composer, Keyboards, Piano, Writer, Actor.

Featured on the Cover of the Los Angeles Times Newspaper on April 10, 2019, Santa James Zyla was honored by the Key to the City of Kingman, AZ on April 16, 2019 and the Unity Award. Known as  "the Most Unique Man in the Galaxy", Santa James has acted in over 200 movies and television shows in his Career as an Entertainer. He is a fantastic piano player and composer of original songs. He sings, he dances, and he adds humor to his performances. Amazing! That sums up Santa James! 


Santa James Zyla Playing the Gourmet Room, the Riverside Hotel Laughlin, NV

"Santa" James, Easy Listening Rock 'n Roll Musician and Actor

Following the 1960's British Invasion,

"Santa" James rubbed elbows

with famous rock n rollers.

Today, James Zyla includes

many popular Tunes from the 20th Century in his repertoire.

Santa James writes his own songs, screenplays, 

poetry, stage plays, essays, doggie songs, science fiction

and follows his creative pursuits. 

James also worked in Hollywood

in television, motion pictures and multi media,

rubbing shoulders with some Hollywood Heavyweights,

as portrayed in the Silver Screen Sandwich,

an autobiographical adventure.